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Kiwi Burung Nasional Selandia Baru

burung kiwi burung khas Selandia Baru
Kiwi adalah sejenis burung, namun ia seperti burung unta, kasuari, burung emu dan burung rhea yang tidak dapat terbang. Istilah ilmiah untuk burung yang tidak dapat terbang disebut ratit (ratite). Dari segi bentuknya kiwi merupakan burung ratit yang paling kecil.  

Kiwi adalah burung khas Selandia Baru. Di Negara selatan Australia ini ditemukan lima jenis spesies kiwi. Kelima spesies kiwi tersebut adalah Apteryx australis, Apteryx mentelli, Apteryx rowi, Apteryx haastii, dan Apteryx owenii. 

Secara fisik burung kiwi ini mudah dikenali dengan melihat bagian bagian tubuhnya, seperti paruh yang panjang dengan sepasang lubang hidung yang terletak di ujung paruhnya. Tubuhnya seperti anak ayam umur dua minggu, gempal, dengan bulu ekor yang pendek. Bulu yang menutupi burung ini amat lebat dan ujungnya lancip. Sekilas Kiwi tidak memiliki sayap, namun jika diteliti lebih detail ternyata, kiwi memiliki sayap namun kecil dan sayap tersebut tertutup oleh bulu-bulu. Hal ini lah yang menyebabkan kiwi digolongkan ke dalam genus yang diberi nama " Apteryx" yang arti terjemahan dari bahasa latin yaitu 'tak bersayap'. 

Kiwi adalah burung nokturnal yang artinya mereka baru keluar beraktivita pada malam hari. Makanan dari burung kiwi sangat beragam, dari biji-bijian, buah, cacing tanah, serangga sampai hewan air yang kecil dapat menjadi santapannya. 

Berbekal lubang hidup yang berada di ujung paruhnya, kiwi memiliki kelebihan dalam hal pengindraan penciuman. Sehingga ia dapat menemukan makanan dengan tepat yang berada di dalam tanah. 

Kiwi adalah burung monogami, yang berarti kiwi hanya hidup dengan satu pasangan kawin dan tetap setia dengan pasangan. Namun kiwi juga dapat berganti pasangan kalau ia bertemu dengan burung kiwi lain yang dianggap lebih baik dari pasangan sebelumnya. Musim kawin dari burung kiwi biasanya terjadi pada bulan maret hingga Juni dimana pada periode tersebut, burung kiwi jantan akan membuat bunyi-bunyian untuk menandai wilayah kekuasaannya dan memikat betina. Jika betina menyukai pejantan, keduanya lalau kawin dan betina bersarang serta bertelur di wilayah milik pejantan. 

Jumlah telur yang dihasilkan oleh burung kiwi betina saat bertelur hanya sebutir, naum ia dapat menghasilkan telur lagi sekitar 4-6 minggu setelah mengeluarkan telur pertamanya. Untuk menetas telur kiwi membutuhkan waktu 2-3 bulan. Yang menarik dari pengeraman anak kiwi, ternyata pengeraman dilakukan oleh kiwi jantan. 

Kini, populasi kiwi dialam bebas semakin menipis. Hal ini terjadi karena hewan yang masuk ke Selandia Baru seperti tikus, anjing, babi, musang mencari anak kelinci untuk dimakan. Melihat populasi kiwi yang semakin menurun, Pemerintah Selandia Baru menetapkan kiwi sebagai burung nasional yang dikandung maksud agar masyarakat turut serta menjaga populasi burung kiwi ini. Pemerintah Selandia Baru juga telah mendirikan tempat-tempat pelestarian di beberapa wilayah dan pulau-pulau milik negara Selandia Baru. 

Getting more Pleci Auriventer

Getting more Pleci Auriventer


Birds that have a Latin name Zosterops Palpebrosus Auriventer has a physical characteristic yellowish green or commonly referred to as an olive green color. There are several types of birds pleci are usually maintained that Pleci Buxtoni, Pleci Montanus, Pleci Auriventer.

The return of the arena pleci in liver bird hobbyist could not be separated from its appeal petite and has a diverse sound. Like a bird that Auriventer Pleci more fans due to the number of options and there are many and sound more compelling because it has a kind of sound that is more severe than most pleci.


Unlike the other pleci which tend to be quiet when there pleci like nearby, Pleci Auriveter have a more aggressive nature and good mentality or if in close proximity to pleci would sound like this is a trait that is controlled by a bird fighter.


The original habitat of birds pleci are Riau, Aceh, and Medan. If observed carefully posture of birds is smaller than the other two types of bird pleci. And in their natural habitat they live in colonies, but in contrast to most types pleci pleci Auriventer be rejected if there are other colonies that joined him. The most marked characteristic pleci this type is a chest in gray and white fur glasses or eye encircling thicker.

Polygamy lovebird

Polygamy lovebird

In lovebird breeding often heard the term polygamy. Polygamy pairing system is aimed to save the number of males that will be used to marry the female parent. This is done in order to more effectively the mating system. But the disadvantage of this system is not able to be applied to the colonies as a bird cage lovebird is not easily moved kelain liver or loyal to his partner. The right way for the implementation of this system is to use a solitary cage or battery.

Here is how to determine a turn polygamy lovebird:

Tip: On the morning around 06.30 - 07 030, the input to the male parent and a female parent cage do turns to the next cage.
- The first day of the male parent input on a female cage 06.30 and after an hour of lifting moved into his own cage. This was done for four consecutive days in a span of male and female parent meeting for one hour.
- Day five male parent input on two female cage at 06:30 to 07:30 and after an hour of lifting moved into his own cage. This was done for four consecutive O in a span of male and female parent meeting for one hour.
- Day six is ​​also the same as in the above manner, means for twelve days the male parent will be with three female parent for an hour in rotation.

A few days after berkawinan each female parent will spawn, if the marriage is successful then all the eggs will hatch but if the eggs do not hatch means there is a little mistake on pairing. Can occur because males do not marry the mother or the mother is unproductive.

prenjak bird of choice

prenjak bird of choice
Bird prejak mountain or Latin name Prinia Atrogularis one bird which is being widely discussed and some people already cultivated. nature aggressive fighting makes this bird is preferred, as well as combined with sound sharp shrill fixed length feels tunable heard. Not only that This bird is also often used as a bird banya master for birds such as magpie, green cucak, kacer, anis and many more are other.

Have other traits that aggressive fighting properties and sound varied and long shrill make this bird as an alternative to master. In the breeding season the birds will make a bowl-shaped nest of leaves glued to pieces of cobwebs. 

Several families of birds prenjak this mountain as below:

1. wastebasket: Has the physical characteristics of small and many are looking for food the tree canopy.

2. Cinenen: Birds with smaller physical characteristics with upright tail and head red.
3. Kecici: physical characteristic is brownish with areas stay he likes is a bush, swamp and grassland.

4. Tesia: habit is to settle - sneaked in soil and is characterized Another short-tailed even as no tail.

5. Cici: Having a medium sized home area is bush

Quick, Easy, Effective tame Birds

Quick, Easy, Effective tame Birds
The nature of many birds can be benign, but it is valid for a period of time long enough so that a lot of chirping mania looking for a fast way to tame birds. Most birds will feel frightened by what new habitat with an alien who has never encountered in the wild. Such as forest birds rarely seen a human, so when I saw the human will feel fear and panic. Characters old and young birds also differ in terms of ease or difficulty when dijinakan, it is affected because when young birds are still relatively less experience and tend to learn and accept the circumstances in which they live. In contrast to the adult birds that seem aggressive and difficult to accept changes in their environment.

Method - the method in a lot of tame birds spread bird hobbyist, some of which are used is therapy and training. Bird bathing technique is recommended for the tame quickly, this technique is usually widely spread and has many bird hobbyist who use it. Method of spraying is done with spray to be drenched birds will affect the movement of birds such as the movement becomes slow and calm birds. This is done each time the bath until the bird is considered benign and how this may be done more than once in a day. Besides bathing incentives also needs to be balanced with good food for health in this case given by the caterpillar hongkong birds or crickets by hand, so that the birds are willing to eat and usually when this happens will quickly tame birds.

In a state that still drenched birds can be drying in a crowd and put the bird in a low place so that the birds will be forced to adapt to a new environment yag. Do this consistently seseing possible, most likely not until one month domesticated birds and not to panic when seeing people or objects - objects that have not been seen before.